Automotive Films

During tint selection at California Tint Shop, expect to learn, explore and compare: tint shades, level of heat rejection, UV protection and glare control. We as authorized LLumar installers have tools for this process. If you’re  interested in the relationship between performance and price, ask about the differences between dyed, metallized, and ceramic tints. There are differences in material and labor costs, depending on these details. Our installer will give you a price quote after you’ve selected your ideal tint for the make, model, and year of your car.


Our car films :

  • ATC
  • CTX (Nona-ceramic tint)
  • Air-80


Premium dyed Tint - It provides more than 99% UV protection to help shield your skin and you vehicle's upholstery from sun damage. Privacy for passengers and belongings. Less distracting glare. Safe driving includes limiting exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays when you’re on the road.


Using innovative nano-ceramic technology, LLumar® CTX® Advanced Technology Window Tints offer superior heat, glare and ultraviolet protection without interfering with the signals from your electronic devices, such as your mobile phone, GPS, keyless entry, satellite radio, or tablets.


While other window films may rely on dark shading to achieve high levels of heat reduction, LLumar AIR automotive window film rejects heat and meets most visible light transmission laws. Experience a cooler and more comfortable ride with LLumar AIR automotive window film.

CTX window tints offer superior performance with zero signal interference so you can stay comfortable and stay connected. After all, your window tinting should block heat and glare—not signals.
CTX window tints look great on your car from the inside and out. The soft charcoal color comes in a range of shades from 5% to 50% so you will never again be forced to choose between quality and style. Don’t settle for inferior films that can crack, peel, or bubble. With a durable scratch-resistant coating and built-in UV absorbers, CTX window tints come with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

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